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The Cruise Guide provides independent information for cruise passengers. Our free websites cover cruise departure ports and the world's best cruise destinations. The guides are fun and easy -- just like a cruise vacation!

We have guides to American cruise departure ports from Boston to Miami to Seattle, and many ports in-between (including the little-known cruises from Mobile Alabama). Sail from close to home.

The great cruise destinations of the world are the stuff that makes dreams.

Cheap Cruise Updates

Every Friday we find the best deals on cruises. They often follow a theme of what's currently interesting and cheap.

When you take a cruise has a big impact on the price. Some months are consistently priced lower than others. See our exclusive lists:
cheap cruises in January
cheap cruises in February
cheap cruises in March
cheap cruises in April
cheap cruises in May
cheap cruises in June
cheap cruises in July
cheap cruises in August
cheap cruises in September
cheap cruises in October
cheap cruises in November
cheap cruises in December

For holiday travel, we track:
cheap Valentine's Day cruises
cheap Easter cruises
cheap Memorial Day cruises
cheap Thanksgiving cruises
cheap Christmas cruises.

Last Minute Cruise Bargains

Sometimes you can find a marked-down last minute cruise. The cruise lines would rather discount staterooms than let them go empty. Some of them announced they were going to stop offering these discounts, but they have quietly continued the practice.

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